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Son Forced To Smell
Dominant Mommy's Panties

"So you like to smell and masturbate with Mommy's panties do you? Well, get down and have a deep snort of this my naughty little boy" she said as she hiked her skirt, bent over and placed her son's nose directly in the crack of her plump moist ass. His nose filled with the delicious tangy scent of her warm pussy and ass. He could feel his little cock start to stiffen as she forced his face deeper between her asscheeks.....
Son Forced To Smell Dominant Mommy's Panties Picture "Now roll over on your back and put your hands at your sides" she commanded and as he did so she squated down on his face so hard he could feel her pubic hair grind on his lips through the sweet-smelling crotch of her white cotton panties. She reached back and grabbed his throbbing penis. "What's this? Did I tell you to get an erection?" She asked...

She unzipped his fly and reached into his underpants to grasp his erect penis. "Well, looks like Mommy's little man thinks he can do something with this?" She cooed "Can you make a hot spurt for Mommy?" She asked as she began to stroke and pull on the head of his red swollen cock. He felt as though he was going to explode as the smell of her panties combined with the exciting feeling of her squeezing and kneading his cock. He felt his back arch and his balls throb and contract. He knew he was going to have an orgasm the likes of which he had never experienced before!!

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